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Bethel raises money and awareness to fight cancer

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Before the opening tip of the Bethel men’s basketball game against Indiana Wesleyan on Saturday, Jan. 25 there was a moment of silence honoring those who have either lost their battle, are fighting the battle and have won the battle against cancer. Several hundred people packed the Weikamp Athletic Center, many holding signs containing the names of friends and loved ones who had battled cancer. There was also a large group of similar signs posted on a set of pushed in bleachers on one end of the court. The signs posted on the bleachers had been turned in by students during chapel service on Friday, Jan. 24.
Players and fans hold up signs honoring cancer victims before game between Bethel and Indiana Wesleyan on Jan. 24
  At halftime of the game Bethel Alumna Holly Young , who graduated in 19977, spoke about her special connection with Kathy Gribbin. Gribbin worked at Bethel for many years, eventually becoming the Vice President for Life Calling and Student Enrichment. She died of ovarian cancer in February of 2013. Young said she recently ran a 50 mile marathon, called the Live Fully Fifty. During that run she said she raised $17,000 for the Hello Gorgeous organization, a nonprofit organization based in South Bend that gives complimentary spa days and makeovers to women affected by cancer. She also said she ran in Kathy Gribbin’s honor. “I had Kathy on my mind the whole time, Young said. “It was a good way for me to process her dying.” She also talked about her first impression of Gribbin. “She was my resident director when I lived in Brennan Hall,"she said. “She had a cookie party and her door was propped wide open I’m walking out and she yells my name and persuades me to come over and she was just very funny and had a very big personality” The events at the basketball game were part of an effort called Team up Against Cancer. A program sponsored by Bethel to raise awareness about cancer and the people affected by the deadly disease.
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