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Nan Hussey returning to Bethel’s campus

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Almost any college student will tell you of a specific professor that meant a great deal to them throughout their college career. For many students here at Bethel, that professor was, and still is, Nan Hussey. Hussey, who was previously employed at Bethel as a professor of Spanish and German, has had a special spot in the lives of many Bethel students and thankfully will continue to be able to impact students’ lives. When I spoke with Hussey about her sudden departure from Bethel, she stated, “last spring I was told that I was being let go from Bethel.” Although she spoke about the fact that she was let go, there was no specific reason that was given as to why Bethel dismissed her. However, since her dismissal, there have been no new Spanish majors allowed into the program at Bethel. In essence, after her departure the Spanish major essentially didn’t exist anymore. However, Hussey did state that, “There were a few seniors this year who have remained in the program.” As the Spanish program felt the weight of Hussey no longer being at Bethel, Hussey had moved back to Washington. It was not too long after moving back to Washington that Hussey’s whole life shifted once again. She stated, “I moved back to Washington State and then got the call of ‘would you like to come back?’ And I said yes I would love to come back,” she said. Although she was suddenly returning to Bethel it was not for the same job that she’d previously had. Assisstant professor of Spanish Scott Devries was leaving Bethel and therefore his job needed to be filled. Bethel administration had thought of Hussey. “I’ll be back in the spring, basically taking over Scott’s job,” said Hussey. “I will be teaching only Spanish while working with the four seniors who are still Spanish majors and making sure that they get everything they need to graduate.” Hussey went on to speak about the future of the Spanish major. “There is still no Spanish major, just a minor,” she said. “I hope that one day it’ll come back in the future but it won’t be next year.” Although the program itself may not be coming back anytime soon, I asked Hussey about any plans or hopes that she had for the program in its entirety since she would be basically running the program within a matter of months “I have hopes of having Spanish singing in chapel, continuing to translate a novel from Spanish to English and of also being able to teach literature and science fiction,” she said. She also shared that Bethel still is sending people to Spain this summer. “A student doesn’t have to be a Spanish major to go, they can simply fulfill their general education language credits,” she clarified. Noted from the obvious opportunities available to students to study abroad, it appears as though Hussey has big plans for the Spanish program upon returning to Bethel. Former students of hers can be excited to see those plans become a reality and can be looking forward to the return of the famous Nan Hussey.
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