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“Leaf me alone!” Oakwood residents pull another prank on Shupe Hall

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Earlier this morning at 12:45 a.m., the Oakwood-Slater Hall boys struck again with another one of their infamous pranks. As the collective group put it, “We’re about to get rowdy.” 

This time, they decided to gather up the leaves around their dorm and throw them into large trash bags. Then, they took their bags of leaves over to Shupe Hall and dumped them in front of the front entrance.

There were about 20 or so residents who were involved in the incident, none of which wished to be revealed in this article. Each one of them desired to keep their identities a secret to the public. Three trips were made to block the entrance of Shupe Hall. Efforts were also made to block the side door entrance with leaves as well. However, it was reported that one of the Shupe RA’s opened the side door without any difficulty. According to the Oakwood residents who were involved, they didn’t seem too upset. They were used to the pranks Oakwood played on them over the years. They were last seen trying to disperse the leaves at the front entrance of Shupe Hall by hand. A few residents who lived over in Founders also saw the Oakwood boys carry out their plan. They were not involved with the plan in any way, but they were out there to watch the scene unfold. According to an Oakwood resident who witnessed the event, the only people who were truly upset with the prank were Oakwood Resident Director Josh Hartsell and Campus Safety. As of right now, no resident is in serious trouble. Some might argue that the Oakwood-Slater hall residents have done “rowdier” pranks in the past that have caused controversy among the student body and staff. Regardless of the morality behind the pranks, Oakwood-Slater Hall has garnered a bit of a reputation for these kind of pranks, and as of right now, it doesn’t look like the pranks will stop anytime soon.
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