The Nutshell: “If you could add any event to Bethel weekend student life, what would it be?”

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Welcome back to The Nutshell, the Beacon's weekly student poll. Each week, we take a question out to you, the student body, and publish your responses!

This week, our question was:

"If you could add any event to Bethel weekend student life, what would it be?"

Here are your responses: Michaela Love, sophomore vocal performance major: I appreciate when they have pancakes in the Great Room, and that only happens like once a month, but I think the Sailor breakfast is always a really fun thing because everyone sort of gathers together and stumbles down at like 10:00 in the morning and has breakfast together, so that's fun. Alyssa Stair, freshman worship arts major: I think probably more Midnight Breakfasts, because those are fun. Jeremy Mann: I would add a Bethel 5k Color run!  Rene Collazos, junior communications major: Dances or formals where guys ask girls. A lot of colleges do that. Zach Miller, freshman math education major: More game nights. Abigail Bailey, junior theatre major: A trip to the zoo. Jessica Wegrecki, sophomore elementary education major: Doing a movie in SG or the library with coffee and stuff. That's all in the Nutshell this week. Next week's question is:

"What has been your favorite chapel ever?"

If you'd like to answer, or if you've got a burning question you'd like us to ask on The Nutshell, shoot us an email at See you next week in The Nutshell!  
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