The Nutshell: “What has been your favorite chapel ever?”

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Welcome back to the Nutshell! Each week, the Beacon staff poses a question to you, the Bethel student body, and publishes your answers.

This week, we asked you:

"What has been your favorite chapel ever?"

Carrissa Whitten, nursing major: "Judy Peterson.... I think that is her name. And both times she was here [were] pretty astounding so I can’t choose." Jalen Alexander, junior math education major: "Tyler Grant’s story of grace. He was vulnerable in telling the story of his father’s death and the grace his family showed to the man that crashed into him." Alex Freshour, junior elementary education major: "It was my freshman year and they did a live version of Bethical News. It was super cool. It was the two hosts at the time. [The hosts] had their desk out. They had some interviews and fun videos, but it took up the whole chapel rather than just a segment of it. I would love to see Justin Brown and Sidney [Sprunger] do [a] live version.” Caitlin Bazan, Freshman Business Administration major: “I like the worship chapels because it’s a study break and you get to worship God.” Ashley Velleco, freshman American Sign Language interpreting major: "I'm not the most religious person, but I like when topics can relate not only to like Christianity or following Christ and all that, but also just how to be a good human and just...for the people around you, that connection. So I really enjoyed [Zachary Nelson,] or [Kintae Lark] or [Jon Mourglia]. And I know that was in the past two weeks, but I really enjoyed them because they gave lessons for life, it wasn't necessarily towards just your faith. Because not everyone here has the same faith or believes the same things, but it's a lot of things that, as humans and humanity, that we could learn just to better ourselves as humans and to work around the people." Hope Nofziger, sophomore sociology major: "When Amber Beamer spoke, she talked about...the experience she had a few years ago with...adopting...her child, and then the adoption going wrong. But, just the way she talked about it, how she didn't really know what God's plans were in it all...but just the way she handled it and the way she talked about it was really cool." Abigail Armold, freshman elementary education major: "One that comes to my mind right away is the chapel where, I think it was a couple weeks ago...[Amber Beamer] brought out this beautiful painting, and she just talked about her life, and what she went through, her adoption story, how she got her baby taken away from her, and... obviously [I] didn't relate to it all, but I felt for her, and...the moment she started talking I just like felt attached to her, and I had no idea who she was, and I just loved it." Isaiah Ritter, sophomore computer science major: "I liked the comedians, I like all the comedians, not too picky about it. I don't really care I just kind of go." Caleb Wold, sophomore engineering major: "Definitely today's [Wednesday, April 25's]. I like the celebration one. You get, it's a lot more hype, a lot of yelling, and lights and smoke." If you've got a question you'd like asked on the Nutshell, feel free to send it to! That's it for the Nutshell this week, and, as a matter of fact, for the semester. Thank you once again for remaining a loyal reader of the Beacon, and we'll be back with the Nutshell next semester!  
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