The Nutshell: “What would be your ideal senior class gift?”

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Welcome back to The Nutshell! Each week, the Beacon poses a question to you, the student body, and publishes your insight below.

This week, our question was:

"What would be your ideal senior class gift?"

Here are your answers: Annelotte Letens, junior:  “A magnolia tree.” Kristen Mitchell, junior: “One of the campus ponds turned into an ice rink.” Madeline Claeys, junior: “A spiderweb rope net.” Logan Mazurek, junior Engineering major: “A jukebox for Sufficient Grounds.” Graham Kelly, junior: “There are some nights where I stay up really late to finish a paper. I know it would be against curfew, but I think a 24-hour lounge. Acorn gets really busy and the library closes at midnight during weekdays.” Ashley Grabowski, freshman biology major: “A Chik-fil-A on campus. Is that a possible one?” Ciara Garcia, freshman teaching English to speakers of other languages major: “A statue of a squirrel, I’d do that.” Adam Weaver, sophomore engineering major: "Looking around the campus, I want to look at more of the eye sores of the campus. Especially down near the Acorn, the recreational room. There’s a broken pool table, a non-functioning baseball machine (not sure what it is) …everything down there just doesn’t look quite right. It looks out of place in campus. So I think a really good senior gift would be to get new pool table accessories, maybe get a new pool table (a nice one), a ping pong table that isn’t broken, and a foosball table that is really nice…I think, with those improvements, we can make campus look much better to visiting people and students." Josiah Viitala, freshman engineering major: "As a commuter, I find the trip into the Bethel grounds as a little bit confusing with lines around SG particularly because they are all over the place and you find people parking every which way and I don’t know if it is because of old lines or just redone lines, but I think it should be repainted and redone, at least with the commuters that are seniors. So that’s a senior gift that I think would be most appropriate." The following conversation occurred between sophomore history and sociology double major Shelby Moody and sophomore history and philosophy double major Tyler Hopkins: Moody: "More parking spaces. I don't know; what do you think?" *laughs* "I don't know! I said parking spaces! I don't freaking know." Hopkins: "Mmm, I don't know; I feel like, I feel like a student center would be dope." Moody: "A student center? What do you mean?" Hopkins: "Like, have you ever like been to a school where they have like, basically like a huge building and it's like a hangout place?" Moody: "But that's what, it's an Acorn." Hopkins: "Mmm..." Moody: "I agree with him. I definitely would say a student center..." Hopkins: "Maybe a new dorm; a new dorm would be dope. That would be dope." That's it for this week! Next week's question:

"If you could add one activity to Bethel student life weekends, what would it be?"

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