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Bethical News Has New Host

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MISHAWAKA, IND. -- Starting this semester, Justin Rasmussen is the new co-host of Bethical News. Rasmussen is a Resident Assistant (R.A.) on the first floor of Oakwood-Slater hall. As a junior, he is majoring in Exercise Science and plays baseball as a varsity pitcher. Rasmussen said he was approached by Nat Montiel, Resident Director (R.D.) in Founder’s Village, who was in charge of looking for new hosts. 

He said he had several people in mind for the position. He gave me a script and asked me to audition for the part. I auditioned, and Nat gave me the position, ” Rasmussen said. 

He said he chose to co-host because it offers good experience in communication. He also believes it will help keep him well rounded in his pursuits while in school.   After the previous co-host graduated last year, Montiel needed to begin looking for a new co-host.   “I choose hosts by suggestions by staff and then have auditions to further narrow down the search. A large part of choosing who the host will be is how coachable they seem. That’s a big part. Normally we have a junior and a senior, but this year both Sidney and Justin are juniors,” Montiel said.   Montiel elaborated further on issues that may come from having two juniors, but he is confident that when the time comes to find new hosts it will not be an issue. 
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