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Welcome back to the Nutshell! Each week, the Beacon staff poses a question to you, the Bethel student body, and publishes your answers. 

This week, we asked you:  DO YOU FEEL SAFE ON CAMPUS?”  Kristen Mitchell – Senior, “Yes, I think I do.”  Bethany Gunter – Freshman, “I do.”  Dr. Maralee Crandon - Associate Professor of English and Speech, “That depends on the hour that I’m here; generally, yes.”  Maria Vidal - Senior, “Yes, I do.”  Kendall Sargent - REACH student, “For the most part, I would say I do. I think they do a good job with security and all that.”  Samantha Shank – Senior, “Yes.”  Jason Miller – Freshman, “Yeah.”  Taylor Nelson – Senior, “Yes, I do.”  Danele Price – Freshman, “Sure.”  Caitlin Parks – Junior, “I guess so.”
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