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Career Development Event: Patrick Industries

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Mishawaka, IND.-- Last Wednesday night there was a business meeting for interested students, held in the Presidents Dining Room. It was part of the Bethel College Internship Program, and was put on by Patrick Industries with Bethel alumni as representatives of the company.  

The purpose of the meeting was to introduce Impact, Patrick Industries’ leadership development program, and to present students with the opportunities that Impact brings to the table. Impact is a program specifically designed to train young entrepreneurs, develop graduates who show leadership potential and provide proper tools for a successful business.  

Any participant in the program will work alongside Patrick Industries, observe other businesses and even work on some projects themselves. The program provides a well-rounded experience in the industry, including experience in actual facilities. Participants will see results and the implementation of the projects they helped put into place.  For those who do not know, Patrick Industries is a company that produces anything from custom built RVs, to countertops, aluminum products, and much more. Patrick Industries works with smaller businesses to help them grow and expand their own industry.   They are specifically interested in hiring Bethel graduates to train them for leadership positions within their company. Their presentation Wednesday night was informative about the opportunities they are providing for Bethel graduates, and how they can be trained through the Impact program.   “I appreciate the variety and different potential that Patrick Industries offers to rise and be a leader,” said Angela Lewellen, a senior student.   When asked what results are looked for in a presentation such as the one on Wednesday night, Aaron West, the Business Unit Director of Patrick Industries Interior Component, replied, “The biggest thing we are looking for is exposure of what Patrick Industries does. And when we come to venues like this we are just looking for future talent that has an opportunity to be the future of what we are doing.”   He also said that if any individual is interested in the program or has any questions, please contact .
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