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Foresters Brave Snowstorm to Battle Pilots

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MISHAWAKA, Ind. – This past Saturday, Jan. 19, our Bethel Basketball teams took on Huntington University. According to the Bethel Pilots Athletics webpage: not only were the game times impacted by the inclement weather, but the Alumni event ‘Hoops and Hot dogs’ was also forced to change. Hoops and Hotdogs was an event put on by the alumni office. It provided free food before the game for any Alumni who wanted to attend the game.  Despite the Men’s team needing to play early due to weather, they were able to net themselves an 11-point victory. Trey’von Covington was left two points away from his career-high score but finished with a game-high score at 23 points. Covington wasn’t the only one heavily contributing to the victory. Ryan Lutz has managed an error-free free throw streak this season, completing 26 consecutive points from free throw shots alone. This streak puts him 8th in the lineup for consecutive free throw shots made in the program’s history. Our Pilots are now currently ranked #16, hopefully they can keep this position as they travel to Goshen, Indiana on Wednesday at 8PM to take on the Goshen College Maple Leafs.

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