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Library Offers New Study Rooms

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MISHAWAKA—Many students have quickly discovered the new study rooms in the library and put them to use. The new rooms are located in the north east corner of the basement of the library. There is a total of seven new study rooms each equipped with a white board and a handful of TVs.

Mark Root, Director of Library Services, had the idea and headed up this project. “I really hope the new rooms are an added service for students and that they will find them useful.” The rooms are slightly different than the older study rooms in the library because they are designed for slightly smaller groups. The new study rooms have taken the place of the Language and Literature offices, which have been scattered around campus with some being relocated to the fourth floor of the Academic Center and others in the Student Media Center. The former office spaces were the perfect size and fit for new study rooms with few adjustments needed, so the professors willingly relinquished their offices. The transition has been taking place since the beginning of the fall semester and was completed over break. The rooms were repainted and refurbished.  

A lot of thinking and planning went into this project, and there was clearly a need for them as the old study rooms were almost always full. Previously, there were only four group study rooms. The 11 rooms provide more study options for students and have a cozier feel as they are seemingly tucked away in a corner.   

 Root said, “I am really pleased the library can offer the additional service and rooms to students and I think the rooms will get a lot of use.”  

So far, the renovations are paying off, the study rooms are already frequented by a multitude of students. 

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