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Hope in the Age of Climate Change: A Recap

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MISHAWAKA—Last Wednesday night in the Academic Center room 342, Bethel College hosted Kyle Meyaard-Schaap from Young Evangelicals for Climate Action. This session covered the topic of our world as it is changing—pertaining to the climate and to the hope that we can find through this apparent process. 

Kyle Meyaard-Schaap, the speaker for the event, said, “Jesus’ command to love God and to love our neighbors calls us to take something like climate change seriously as it is harming God’s world. As young people, this is the world you are inheriting so there is every moral reason to be concerned with climate change in order to secure a safe future for ourselves.” 

Kyle Meyaard-Schaap is the National Organizer and Spokesperson for a program called Young Evangelicals for Climate Action, better known as YECA. This is a program made up of dedicated young Christians taking a stand for taking care of the earth.  

YECA focuses on three main goals: mobilizing our generation of Christians to act and advocate together; influencing our church leaders to set an example and support climate action; and holding our political leaders accountable for responsible climate policies.  

The session on Wednesday was specifically directed toward the hope a Christian can have in the face of climate change. Bible verses providing hope were discussed, alongside the political side of reasons for hope on an international and domestic level. The session entitled Hope in the Age of Climate Change was very informative about the world around us and what everyone is doing to take care of the world God gave us dominion over. 

The session held on campus encouraged students to join the movement and provided many opportunities for getting involved. If a student is interested in signing up or learning more about the program visit 

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