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Bethel Nursing Program Ranks No.9 in the State

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MISHAWAKA—Bethel's Nursing Program recently been ranked number nine out of 48 in the state, along with the title of being the top nursing program in the area. The vigorous and exhausting training that nursing students have to go through does pay off, as they have a high rate of securing a job and have a wide variety of opportunities in the medical field.

Deborah Gillum, Ph.D., Dean of Nursing, said, “We are honored to be recognized once again for the outstanding education that we provide to our students. Our graduates are becoming the next generation of nurse leaders, providing excellent care and leadership in an ever-changing and challenging health care field,” according to a press release on the Bethel College website.

The way a nursing program is ranked is by “pass rates” or percentage of graduates who are able to pass the exam. Bethel’s pass rates continue to improve every year and that is a sure sign of the development of Bethel’s nursing program and how it is growing and improving. The website that conducts the ranking is 

Bethel’s nursing program offers nursing students opportunities for their futures, and the program itself seems to continue to improve to better train students and challenge their abilities in the medical field

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