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MISHAWAKA, IN — The campus safety report will be an update dedicated to informing students and staff about occurrences on campus. It will also feature tips from the campus safety office to help keep everyone on campus safe. 

This past week there are a few events to be reported.  

On Monday, August 26th, a theft from a vehicle was reported from the Eastwood parking lot. This serves as a good reminder to keep all unattended vehicles locked. 

On Tuesday the 27th, the fire alarm in Founders Village Ramseyer Hall went off. 

On Thursday the 29th, the Bridges Hall fire alarm went off. No further information has been provided. 

On Saturday the 31st, property damage in the Academic Building was reported. The damage was referred to maintenance to repair. The specifics of the occurrence have not been provided. 

 Paul Neel, the Director of Campus Safety, has a few tips for students as this semester begins. 

  • “If you like it, lock it. Do not leave valuables unattended or in plain view. Always secure your dorm room and your vehicle when you are not present.” 
  • “If you see something, say so. If it seems odd, unusual, or out of place it may very well be. Contact Campus Safety immediately. You can call or text 574-292-8100 anytime.” 
  • “Bonus tip: there is a ‘call Campus Safety’ button included in the new Bethel University app.” 
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