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Hello Bethel University!

Here’s to a new school year and new school name!

My name is Josiah Hackett, and I am the new editor for the Bethel Beacon. I am excited to showcase and collaborate with the budding journalists here at the Bethel Beacon. We plan to provide you with relevant and interesting news and opinions you can be entertained by. We have a bigger staff this year and will be providing eight-page newspapers for you to peruse.

Speaking of a bigger staff, I would like to highlight some of the members of our team.

 First, we have Travonte Marley. He is a Photography Major from Hammond, Indiana. He loves photography and can’t wait to capture all the news being brought to you this year. 

Next, we have Clay Sidenbender; he is a Communications and English double major. You can find him on the “sidelines snapping pictures at BU sporting events or talking with athletes.” 

Next is Brianna Densmore. Her majors are English & Writing and Business Administration. She loves to spend her free time either outside or reading a book or sometimes both of those. 

The next writer is Sumer Schlinder. Her major is English & Writing. She wants to pursue a career in journalism and creative writing. Some of her hobbies include reading, writing, playing volleyball, traveling, camping, watching movies, and drinking coffee. 

Next is Corey Bridgeman who is a psychology major. His hobbies include writing, gaming, and linguistics. 

We will also see the return of D.C. Bolling who is a senior in his last semester studying Communications at Bethel. He has been a part of the Beacon for a while with his column, DC's Take, where he gives his thoughts on the latest movie to come out. 

And we have a quote from one of the journalists, “My name is Neli, like the rapper, but I can’t drop bars. I’m 75 percent coffee, 24 percent happiness, 1 percent tears, and yes that is my Instagram bio.” 

Finally, we have me, Josiah Hackett. I am an English Education and Music double major with a minor in theatre. My aspiration in life, among many others, is to be a teacher in high school and inspire our youth to pursue discourse regarding literature. Fun fact about me, I used to have a biphasic sleeping schedule that began during my time in Spain.

I would also like to highlight some of the sections we will have in our paper. We will have sports as reported by many of our journalists who are involved in athletics. So, you will get a first-hand account of the many of the sports here on campus. We will have opinion pieces from volunteer writers such as D.C. Bolling and Corey Bridgeman. We will share relevant and interesting news happening on campus, in the area, or in our country. Also, we have an opportunity for those who are adroit at art. If you are so inclined to showcase your artistic ability by drawing comics, please submit original drawings you would like to see in the newspaper.

We like to hear your opinions in the paper as well. We have a regular staple, The Nutshell, where we ask you pertinent questions and publish your answers. If you have stories you would like to see in the paper, interest pieces that you would like to contribute, events you would like to showcase, or if you just to want to talk to someone at the Beacon, contact us at bethelbeacon@betheluniversity.edu

Thank you for supporting this paper by reading this letter. We hope to inform and entertain you with our words, a dying artform soon to be rekindled by our generation once again. 

Your Bethel Beacon editor,

Josiah “Jo” Hackett

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