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Lighting Strikes Campus

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MISHAWAKA -- On Thursday, Sept. 12, lightning struck Bethel, resulting in some technical difficulties across the campus. 

Late Thursday night, the Mishawaka area experienced thunder and lightning showers.  

Around 11 P.M., students across campus minded their own business as they procrastinated on homework. 

When the bolt of lightning hit the tree between the Admissions Building and the Goodman Gymnasium, it caused a variety of problems for our campus technology office and resulted in a lot of commotion, specifically in the Shupe dorms.  

An anonymous residential student said that is was “the loudest clap of thunder [they] have ever heard!”.  

At this point, WIFI was disconnected and no one was able to reconnect their devices.  

The technology office said that after the lightning struck, they received a lot of notifications about problems they were starting to have from networks going down, to access cards being denied in the athletic buildings.  

Cameron Matteson, from the Technology Office, said that offices in some buildings were affected, and that, “…some things needed to be replaced, and [they’re] trying to get a contractor to come in and work on it…”.  

The lightning and thunder that night definitely spiced up a regular Thursday night for some students. While for others have caused a variety of problems, soon to be solved.  

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