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Bethel Host Annual Manges VS Oakwood Football Game

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Manges wins annual football game against Oakwood  

Bethel University holds the traditional Manges vs. Oakwood football game on the intramural fields, where anyone from either dorm can participate.  

Pumpkin Spice, flannel, apple cider, and the reek of testosterone on the rugby fields at the annual men’s’ dorms football game.  

It seemed like oakwood was at an advantage with some of the Manges players tripping while running through their banner before time had even started.  

As soon as the game began, Manges towed their way through fresh-meat and scored points for their team only seconds in.  

Oakwood’s six-year winning streak was destroyed along with their dignities.  

The score by the middle of the game was 15 to 6 with Manges in the lead.  

With Bethel’s favorite hot heads on the field, each minute of the game was filled with entertainment and kept the crowd on the edge of their seats.  

Junior and Residential Assistant, Matthew Pietsch said “Overall, it was a good match up!... There was a lot of chirping and competitive fire brewing between both sides, but it was a physical [and] fun game!”  

The second half of the game being more heated than the first, highlights like  

Logan Marshall, a freshman from Marlette Michigan, tackled an upper classman and said he “so much fun” and will always “remember his friends cheering him on”.  

With the Refs monitoring fairly, and both teams using scholarship athletes… *cough*…  

Manges took the win with 22-6.  

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