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Bethel University Provides Students with Study Abroad Options

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MISHAWAKA--Bethel University provides students with opportunities to study abroad which enrich their lives by providing them with tools to achieve in whatever they want to do in life.  

Tyler Grant is the official Director of Global Engagement and Career Services, who connects with students to figure out what they will be interested in He has conversations discussing what they really want out of life and to what they are trying to move toward.  

Most students think study abroad is considered an entire semester overseas, but Bethel University provides a wider range of studying abroad, including task force, summer travel, May term, and, of course, semester abroad. There are options that can suit the need for a wide range of majors and can even suit a student’s budget and schedule. With options like going to Nashville, Tennessee, and working with experienced credited producers and unlimited studio time to experiencing Oxford University in England are just two of many possibilities.  

Tyler Grant encourages students to come into the Global Engagement office with ideas and to be ready to think strategically. After talking about things such as deadlines, budget, schedule, and even where the student feels God is calling them to go and do, connections can be made through those that work in the office, and even through those that don’t, such as professors.  

A worry that comes to mind is usually the cost of study abroad trips. Grant encourages students to think about how much they currently work, or even how much they could work at a job. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find scholarships that will help fund these experiences. “The number of students that could work and don’t is surprising,” said Grant. Few students ask what percentage they could pay for themselves or how much they could earn themselves. From Grant’s experience and observations, students see this as daunting, but don’t realize how easy it is to offer their skills, such as babysitting, yard work, photography, etc., and how much people are willing to pay for the services. Other options for funding can be things such as asking for donations. 

Some trips coming from the Global Engagement office this year are one to Guatemala, a trip to South Africa lead by Dr. Theo Williams and missionary Courtney Richards, summer trip to Greece and Turkey, and even opportunities in India and Thailand that are all coming up this school year.  

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