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Bethel’s Golf Teams Find Themselves in Florida

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PALM COAST, FL – Bethel’s golf teams made it to nationals and spent the duration of the competition in sunny, scorching Palm Beach, Florida. Both the men’s and women’s teams played extremely well to make it that far, and they continued to play their best throughout. 

The first day of the competition was on Oct. 21. The men’s team placed ninth of nine teams but had an average score of roughly 85 points for round one. Round two, Oct. 22, saw the men in ninth place with an average of 87 points. The third and final day of the tournament saw the men’s team with an average of 86 points, again in last place. Though they may not have come home with a trophy, all the Pilot boys are back in Indiana. 

For the women’s team, the competition was a little more fruitful. On day one, the women’s team placed fifth with an average of 92 points. They placed fifth again on day two with an average 92 points. Finally, on day three, the women placed in fourth place with an average of 91 points. Of all the nine teams, the women’s team placed fifth overall, but they did excellent work to make it this far and deserve all the praise that they get. 

Once again, no matter where they placed, Bethel University should be proud of both of their golf teams and treat them with the utmost respect and appreciation for the praise-worthy job they did representing the Pilots at home! 

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