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Campus Activities Hosts Great British Baking Show: Microwave Edition

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MISHAWAKA-Bethel University Campus Activities hosts The Great British Baking show: Microwave edition for all students in the Kelly auditorium Friday, Oct. 18, 2019.  

Campus activities staff split students into three different teams, having each team volunteer one person to be the prospective chef. There were five different rounds of cooking or baking using the microwave. Each round brought a different challenge: omelets, soup, ramen noodles, mug cake and puppy chow/muddy buddies 

At the beginning of each round, students were assigned their challenge for the round, then, were given one minute to collect all their desired ingredients, from behind a curtain. Campus Activities provided an assortment of kitchenware, such as bowls, cutting boards, knives, forks, and mugs for students to use.  

One of the first challenges of the night came about when microwaves kept short-circuiting. Staff had to quickly move microwaves around the room, and even outside of the auditorium. Once all the ingredients were chosen, participants were given ten minutes to prepare and microwave their creations for judges to taste. Participants could call on their respective teams for help at any point in time.  

Students and campus activities staff all had a good laugh watching students attempt to complete each challenge. With few surprises here and there, participants created things such as “Alfredo ramen noodles” and “soup cake”, both creations taking first place in separate rounds. Many laughs, swallowed egg, and a “hint of flour” later, Campus Activities Staff gave students a night to remember.  

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