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Campus Safety: Storm Damage Report

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MISHAWAKA—Most are aware of the recent thunderstorms and the damage they have caused on campus. However, there are other damage reports students may not be aware of. 

Paul Neel, Director of Campus Safety said,” We had two rounds of storms that caused some damage. A few weeks back lightning struck a tree near Goodman. This caused damage to a few computers, access control equipment, cameras, and a fire system. Last Sunday lightning struck on the south side of campus. A window was broken from the thunderclap, access control systems and some campus phones were affected. 

We recommend that students remain aware of weather conditions as they go about their routines. Storms can change and evolve quickly. If severe weather is present or imminent, seek shelter inside a building. Interior rooms or a basement are always preferable. Pilot alerts are sent if there is a tornado warning.” 

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