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Accommodations Made for International Students

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MISHAWAKA—Bethel is a very diverse place and home-away-from-home to many international students. While a small university in Indiana is a different atmosphere than many of these students are used to, Bethel is committed to making accommodations for them to ensure they feel comfortable. 

Sue Matteson, International Student Coordinator and Student Academic Specialist, said, “As the International Coordinator, I am here to authorize their Federal paperwork but also be their advisor/parent away from home.  

“I help them find a bank, get a job, get a Social Security card, figure out the washing machines, review American student expectations, help them when they are homesick, find other places for them to stay during school breaks, introduce them to American things in the area, help them figure out how to buy books and pay their bills, and cheer them on in whatever non-athletic pursuits they have.” 

International students are held to the same standards as other Bethel students and have the same consequences for breaking the rules. Under certain circumstances, however, they are allowed extra time on some tests. 

Matteson said, “International students have the same ADA accommodations as any non-international student. During an international student’s first semester on campus as they are adapting to English 24/7, we do allow them extra time on tests.” 

While this a request and not guaranteed, Matteson said she can make a request to the professor that the student be given 90 minutes for a 60-minute test. 

“...quite a few international students are still translating the questions into their language, answering the question, then translating it back into English,” she said. 

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