Disney + and How it Pertains to Net Neutrality

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MISHAWAKA—A couple years ago, everyone was freaking out over the repeal of Net Neutrality. People thought it meant everything would change quickly and drastically, but the takeover has been more subtle than most would imagine. It has gone almost completely unnoticed until recently. 

Disney released a new function called Disney + on Nov. 12. Disney + is similar to Netflix and provides access to every movie Disney has ever had a hand in, including Pixar, Marvel, National Geographic, Star Wars, and of course, all of the original and upcoming Disney movies. Many are excited about this new medium of entertainment with everything Disney has to offer at their fingertips for the price of $6.99 per month. But all things considered, is Disney + a good thing? It is only possible because net neutrality is no longer in effect, and it makes people pay for access to movies and shows that were otherwise provided by different places already and have now been taken away.  

Disney + is only one of the many outcomes and one of the first noticeable effects from the repeal of Net Neutrality, though many may not realize what it truly means for our country, and what may come next. 

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