Annual BABE Week Continues 

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MISHAWAKA--It’s that time of year again! BABE Week returned to campus from Feb. 5 to 10. This is a time for Bethel ladies to come together and grow in fellowship and community. It's a time for making memories, having fun and talking about hard life questions. The events hosted throughout the week are designed to help lady students decompress and try not to stress out about their busy class schedule.  

The week began with a kickoff on Sunday, Feb. 5, at a beach bash in Bridges.  

On Monday, there was a euchre and pretzel bites event in the Acorn and a slip’n slide and cereal bar at Shupe, with a few extra precautions in place to try and avoid a repeat of the injury received a couple of years ago by one of the participants.  

Tuesday featured cookies, canvas and crochet in the Crow’s Nest at Sailor Hall. The commuters also held a movie, game and snacks event in AC416. 

On Wednesday, there were several events, beginning with a special midweek option at 10 a.m. in the Everest-Rohrer Auditorium that featured several ladies from the Bethel community. In the evening, there were s’mores at Bridges, and the night ended with a unique Vespers service featuring a message from Gloria Linkiewicz.  

Thursday focused on a night of fun and de-stressing. The commuters hosted another movie and game party in AC416, with the welcome addition of pizza. Later on, there was a “Just Dance” party in the Lehman Family Training Center. All ladies were welcome to come dressed however the preferred and were invited to dance, sometimes following a specific pattern and sometimes just moving to burn some energy.  

On Friday, Feb. 10, BABE Week closed out with a scavenger hunt and evening retreat. The ladies took over several of the rooms in the Miller-Moore Academic Center for mattress surfing, snacks, games, movies and any other fun opportunities that presented themselves. 

Overall, the week proved to be a success. 

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