Nutshell: How Soon Is Too Soon for Christmas Music?

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MISHAWAKA — Time for another nutshell, pilots! This week: When is it acceptable to play Christmas music – before Thanksgiving or after? 

 “I think it’s acceptable to play Christmas music after Thanksgiving, but not before,” said Suzie Miley, a senior English and philosophy major. 

“I play Christmas music before Thanksgiving all the time,” said Danny Erkelens, a freshman criminal justice major. “There aren’t any Thanksgiving songs, anyway.” 

“I definitely think it is acceptable to play before Thanksgiving,” said Skyler French, a sophomore Christian ministries major. 

“Not until after Thanksgiving meal because that means #justiceforthanksgiving,” said Abigail Erkelens, a senior business administration major. 

“There’s no question: absolutely before,” said Riley Babler, a math education major. “Thanksgiving is Christmas-Preparation-Day.” 

“I’m not one for Christmas music, so I couldn’t care less,” said Grace Livingston, a freshman science education chemistry major. 

“I do not like it when people play Christmas music before Thanksgiving,” said Kaene Haughee, a sophomore social studies education major. 

“I prefer Christmas music after Thanksgiving,” said Pat Whitehead, a freshman Christian ministries major. 

“I play Christmas music year-round,” said Lawrence Andres, a biochemistry freshman. “I embody Christmas spirit!” 

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