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Bethel Welcomes Ian Thompson to Campus

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MISHAWAKA- Bethel University recently welcomed Ian Thompson into the new role of student support specialist. Thompson plans on working to develop her role as the year unfolds. The new staff member is here to support and educate fellow students, both minority and majority students, with any questions or concerns they might have about race and culture in an empathetic way.  

“I am here to help [students] who may not understand, in a respectful and comforting way,” Thompson said. 

Thompson left her mark on the Mishawaka community prior to coming to Bethel University. Her history is filled with experiences working with students of different cultures, including a job at Goshen College as a program coordinator in the Multi-Cultural Affairs Office, personally working with international students and even giving educational presentations on topics such as racism in America. 

“I want to see education here,” Thompson said, hoping to bring a discussion to sensitive topics.  

Thompson’s ultimate desire is to learn about people’s experiences and to be an honest, direct and sensitive person to the people she’s around.  

Ian Thompson will be available on campus to all students Tuesday to Thursday from 3:30-8:30pm. Keep an eye out for specific contact information to be release at a later date. 

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