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Underclass Student Council Hosts Canned Food Drive Competition

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MISHAWAKA -- The Underclass Student Council officers have organized their annual canned food drive for Faith Baptist Church in South Bend. The campus-wide drive began Nov. 1 and will be held until Nov. 22. Bins can be found in almost every student and faculty building around campus, including the Academic Center, the Huffman Administration Building, the Everest-Rohrer Chapel, the science building and in the Wiekamp Athletic Center.  

Zach Kern, vice president of the Underclass Council, said Student Council has been annually organizing this canned food drive for years with the hopes of supplying less-fortunate families with meals for the holidays.  

There is a $100 prize for the student group who donates the most goods. Student groups are organized by dormitory buildings, and commuters are their own group. Whichever group wins can choose what to spend the money on, such as food or an activity. 

“It is being given to the dorm or group, including commuters, and that group can do whatever they want with it,” Kern said.  

Kern also said that the council is receiving questions on what student group the Logan Street residents belong to, and he said they are included in Founders.  

The cans will be collected on Nov. 22 and donated in time for Thanksgiving.  

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