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The Office of Career Services and Global Engagement Navigates COVID-19, Hires Alumna Jessica Lyons

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MISHAWAKA- While COVID-19 ended or postponed a lot of plans in 2020, many people still needed to continue making plans, tentative though they be. This was certainly true for Bethel’s Global Engagement Office.  

Last spring, when news broke of COVID-19 becoming more widespread, the Global Engagement Office’s priority was bringing home students who were studying abroad. They worked through the struggles of contacting airlines, canceling flights, and communicating with students in different time zones, and all the students returned home safely.  

The summer programs for 2019 were cancelled, and students who had signed up received refunds. Unfortunately, students who have graduated missed out on opportunities they would have had. 

Director of Global Engagement and Career Services Tyler Grant expressed his disappointment with not being able to provide more solid answers to students wishing to study abroad and take trips planned through Bethel. Looking into the future, he said, trips mainly depend on countries’ independent regulations.  

While the Global Engagement side of the office is navigating new ground, Career Services welcomed Jessica Lyons to the team as a career development program manager on Jan. 5. Her role in the office is to work closely with student workers, faculty and interns to see where improvements can be made and resources can be utilized.  

“My, kind of, primary function is to oversee these ongoing career readiness resources and programs we’re already doing and maybe bring some new life into things with restructuring and some new visions,” Lyons said. 

Lyons helps students with resume building and sets up mock interviews. With the help of the Lily Endowment Grant awarded to Bethel, there are new projects beginning that she will oversee as well.  

The office’s goal is for more students to be aware of resources available to them to assist them in their lives after college. The office also wants to help students who are having difficulty choosing a major and help them find ways to turn their passions into a career.  

In order to make this happen, Career Services will be interviewing and surveying students and staff. Tyler Grant said he wants to make sure they are offering help that students want while also inviting students in for the help they need.  

Looking forward with Global Engagement, Grant said that he is keeping an open mind.  

“In the fall, we will be advertising whatever we think will be happening in the spring,” Grant said.  

Posters will be posted, and emails will be sent, he said. Students interested in semester abroad opportunities next school year are required to sign up this semester and should contact the Global Engagement Office at or stop by the Global Engagement Office on the third floor of the Academic Center. 

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