Bethel University Wellness Center Sponsors Support Group 

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MISHAWAKA- In previous years, Bethel University has offered a campus support group for women who have experienced sexual violence. This year, Bethel University’s Wellness Center has partnered with the Family Justice Center to bring back this support. 

Meetings will be held at the Family Justice Center on Thursdays at 3:00 p.m. Students who are interested in attending this group should reach out to RJ Jennings, associate director of counseling services at Bethel University, for dates and information about free transportation. The group is designed to be a ten-week program; however, students are not required to commit to all ten weeks. 

“They need to know that they are not marginalized because of something that happened to them,” Jennings said. “They get to be outside of that.” 

According to Jennings, the partnership with the Family Justice Center will help connect students to experts who can also provide additional consulting or legal advice. Students who want more information can contact Rj.Jennings@betheluniverity.edu or visit the Wellness Center on campus. 

“Surviving is empowering,” Jennings said. “What was taken from you now gets put back in your hands.” 

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