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Students reflect on extraordinary day


The following are writings from students about the events on campus Wednesday, Feb. 16. Jordan Hall There was a point in time when it became clear that this was not an ordinary chapel. It started off like any other service. Prayer and announcements gave way to... More »

Students choose varied destinations for Fall Break


by Georgia Boisse As Fall Break approaches and people start heading home for the long weekend, the question of “what should I do?” pops into their heads. What better time than to take a mini vacation. Not only is this idea a perfect break from the mental taxat... More »

Original play hits the stage after months of work


The conversations of Phoebe and Felix, two characters in senior Rachel Miller’s “The Draft,” punctuate the show with phrases such as, “Tough break, Moon Pie.” This original play, written and directed by Miller, hit the stage in Bethel’s Octorium on April 9 and... More »