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Students choose varied destinations for Fall Break

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Sophomore Lindsey Swaim's Fall Break destination is Panama City.
by Georgia Boisse As Fall Break approaches and people start heading home for the long weekend, the question of “what should I do?” pops into their heads. What better time than to take a mini vacation. Not only is this idea a perfect break from the mental taxation of a typical school day, but a great physical break as well. Students have a few ideas for some fun, felaxing places to visit. “I would love to spend my Fall Break down in Tennessee,” said sophomore Baysia Cox. “It is where my family is and I’d love me some family time!” Family time and seeing old friends is a great way to spend this Fall Break. Being separated from loved ones for months at a time can be very taxing on not only some students, but their families as well. “Panama City is the place for me this Fall Break,” said sophomore Lindsey Swaim. “There are so many things to do and people to see, the fun never stops!” This was the most common response when asking students where they would go. They wanted to go somewhere fun and exciting with lots of new faces and friends to be made. “If I were to choose one place to go on break this fall, it would definitely be Florida,” said sophomore Kristen Hicks. “A couple of days to lie on the beach and just soak up some sun are just what I need.” Sometimes relaxing out on the beach could be just the cure for all the stress that people have built up over the first half of this semester. It may only be a couple of days of laying on the beach watching the waves push at the sand, but even that little amount of time could relieve your stress. So there you have it, and the question remains. Will you spend it on the beach soaking up the sun, meeting and making new friends, or simply bonding with friends and loved ones? There are so many possibilities, what will you decide?
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