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COVID-19 Updates


MISHAWAKA- On Wednesday, Jan. 19 Bethel University made the transition to their Yellow or Moderate COVID-19 risk level. The campus had previously been under the Blue level but due to an increase in COVID-19 cases, they moved to the yellow level. According to S... More »

Bethel Athletic COVID Protocols


MISHAWAKA—Throughout the last year COVID has been an issue across the country, and Bethel has not been exempt from abiding by the new rules. Athletics is one area that has been heavily affected. With game cancellations all the way to simple protocols—new proto... More »

How the COVID-19 National Mandates Affect Bethel


MISHAWAKA—New federal mandates have been released that federal workers and contractors are required to receive the vaccine. This poses questions about what is required of schools nationwide, as well as locally.  According to the Associated Press, over half of ... More »