Bethel Athletic COVID Protocols

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MISHAWAKA—Throughout the last year COVID has been an issue across the country, and Bethel has not been exempt from abiding by the new rules. Athletics is one area that has been heavily affected. With game cancellations all the way to simple protocols—new protocols are at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

“Right now, we are following the school, and the CDC’s guidelines,” said Bethel Athletic Director, Tony Natali. “We have masks that we have purchased, and given out for our indoor events, which is currently men’s and women’s basketball. We have signs up that talk about our mask protocols. At indoor competitions we have a social distance seating area. So, we have tried to take all the precautions necessary.”

The current Bethel COVID-19 update that was provided for the start of the spring semester will stretch through Jan. 28. When that date passes Bethel’s COVID Response Team will re-access the COVID-19 situation around campus. 

“We are following all of the CDC guidelines,” said Natali. “So, they’ve come out and said that the quarantine period is now five days. So, it’s a little quicker getting back. We are seeing a little bit less symptomatic situations because of that.”

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