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Changes Happening in the Dining Commons


MISHAWAKA- There are a lot of updates happening in the Dining Commons recently. Several of these changes are meant to decrease food waste and take steps in caring for the planet. For most students, the biggest news is that self-serve came back on Wednesday, Se... More »

Raccoon Discovered in Dining Commons Ceiling


MISHAWAKA–Sunday afternoon, Sept. 12, a raccoon was discovered in the Dining Commons. Several students and staff noticed a striped tail hanging down from a section of the ceiling that appeared to be buckling under the weight of the animal it was supporting. Li... More »

Farmer’s Market Makes Debut on Campus


MISHAWAKA—A total of 81 students took advantage of Bethel’s dining common’s first farmer’s market on campus through the resident dining promotions, provided by Harvest Greens and Planet Eat. The market was located right outside the dining commons for a couple ... More »