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Changes Happening in the Dining Commons

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MISHAWAKA- There are a lot of updates happening in the Dining Commons recently. Several of these changes are meant to decrease food waste and take steps in caring for the planet.

For most students, the biggest news is that self-serve came back on Wednesday, Sept. 22.

Because of COVID-19, students have not been able to serve themselves for several months, but that has now returned, along with the cereal station. According to the General Manager of Food Service, Jennifer Moritz, students were very excited about this change.

Before COVID-19, the Dining Commons had introduced reusable to-go trays and cups in place of their Styrofoam ones as a step towards being more sustainable. The use of these trays had to be put on hold once the pandemic started, but they have now returned and may be purchased for a one-time fee of $5.50. The Styrofoam containers will be completely discontinued on Monday, Oct. 4.

In  an effort to decrease the amount of food that gets wasted every day, the Dining Commons is also encouraging students to skip the trays. Having a tray allows students to take more plates which gives a greater opportunity for food waste. There will still be trays available for students, but they are encouraged not to use them. There are cards in the front that students can fill out and share on social media about why they choose to go trayless.

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