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Male dorms dominate Pilot Olympics

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Junior Corey Martin throws a disk as he attempts to win a medal for Brenneman. (Photo by Yon Moya)
Junior Corey Martin throws a disk as he attempts to win a medal for Brenneman. (Photo by Yon Moya)
The Pilot Olympics started with a bang for both Brenneman and Benton houses. Benton grabbed one gold and a silver, while Brenneman took home two gold medals and a silver medal in Monday’s competitions. “Our strategies as a house is to straight up dominate. Our main goal was to beat B3, and that totally went down, but they were very good sports about it (most of the time),” said sophomore Benton house member, Rosten Hamman. Monday’s competitions consisted of group disc golf, Wii boxing and Wii bowling. Junior Caleb Jackson from team Manges #1 (Koiky Tobes) said his best event was bowling since he received a silver medal in the competition. Although he said the best event for his team was euchre, in which they took first place on Tuesday evening. Although Tuckey didn’t win the euchre tournament it was a great moment for them when they took third place in the match to gain them their second medal. “Our 3rd round match came down to one game (we were tied 9-9) and the very last card," said sophomore Sarah Cressman. “The other team started celebrating, thinking they won, when my partner, Annie McGuire, threw down the ace and won it for us.” The food eating competition took place during the second day of Pilot Olympics. A representative from each dorm tried to eat as many cookies as possible in two minutes. “Nick Bartlett tried to distract me from eating the cookies by spilling milk on my lap, but I persevered and managed to come in third place,” said freshman and Shupe representative Georgia Boisse. On the third day of competition there was only one event—dodge ball. Perimeter #2 (Zonts) took home their second gold medal with their win over five other male teams. “It was high in energy, and it included everyone in your team,” said Hamman. “It was a blast.” Shupe (Super Shupers) won their first gold medal, but their second medal overall as they defeated two other teams in the competition. “Dodge ball was really a lot of fun,” said sophomore Super Shuper, Holly Weaver. “The Pilot Olympics has been a great opportunity for Shupe to bond and have fun together.” Students have enjoyed watching the competitions take place but also look forward to seeing the winners of the snow sculpture competitions and other events to come. “Today's (Thursday’s) event was to build a snow sculpture, and that was a very fun project for team Benton,” said Hamman. “Everyone that was available chipped in their time and talents to build a scene from Calvin and Hobbs. It was great spending time with my housemates.” The winner of the snow sculpting competition was Tuckey with their scene from "Finding Nemo" followed by Benton and then Manges #2. The final competition of the week was the cookie eating competition at the Acorn.  Students had to see how many oreo cookies they could eat in two minutes. Deshawn Davis from Perimeter #2, Scot Frey from Manges #2,  and Hamman tied for gold after eating 11 cookies. It was hard to tell who was going to win overall in the middle of the week, but Hamman believed his team was going to come out on top. “It will be a close race between Benton, Manges, and Perimeter # 2 (Zonks), but hopefully we can pull it out.” And he was correct in believing so. Benton house came through with a win after collecting two gold medals, four silver medals, and three bronze with Manges #2 in a close second with a total of eight medals. Day 1: Group Disc Golf Gold: Perimeter #1 (Benton) Silver: Founder’s Men #1 (Brenneman) Bronze: Manges #2 Wii Boxing Gold: Jordan Heim (Founders Men #1 “Brenneman”) Silver: Rosten Hamman (Perimeter Men #1 “Benton”) Bronze: Lindsey Grass (Tuckey #3) Wii Bowling Gold: Trent Chupp (Founders Men #1 “Brenneman”) Silver: Caleb Jackson (Manges #1 “Koiky Tobes”) Bronze: Nathan Rasbaugh (Manges #2) Day 2: Disc Golf Gold: Travis Beam (Manges #2) Silver: Caleb Hatfield (Perimeter #1 “Benton”) Bronze (tie): Robby Burns (Founders #1 “Brenn.”) and Rosten Hamman (Perimeter #1 “Benton”) Euchre Gold: Jordan Oloomi and Austin Martin (Manges #1 “Koiky Tobes”) Silver: Bryce Matteson and Caleb Hatfield (Perimeter #1 “Benton”) Bronze: Sarah Cressman and Annie Mcguire (Tuckey “3rd floor”) Poker Gold: Andrew Schwier (Oakwood) Silver: Travis Beam (Manges #2) Bronze: Ryan Starkle (Perimeter #1 ‘Benton’) Food Eating Gold: Nick Bartlett (Perimeter #2 ‘Zonts’) Silver: Joel Hartsell (Perimeter #2 ‘Zonts’) Bronze: Georgia Boisse (Shupe) Day 3: Men’s Dodge Ball Gold: Perimeter #2 (Zonts) Silver: Manges #2 (Domination) Bronze: Perimeter #1 (Benton) Women’s Dodge Ball Gold: Shupe (Super Shuppers) Silver: Founders Women Bronze: Tuckey #3 (Cryolophosaurus) Day 4: Snow Sculpting: Gold: Tuckey #3 Silver: Benton House Bronze: Manges #2 Food Eating #2: Gold: Deshawn Davis (Perimeter #1), Rosten Hamman (Benton House) and Scot Frey (Manges #2) Silver: Nathan Rasbaugh (Manges #2) and Nicole Depoy (Lodge #1) Bronze: Sarah Cressman (Tuckey #3)
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