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New Facebook layout frustrates users

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new-facebook-profile-pageFacebook seems to be a little left-sided these days. No, the social network site has not gone Democratic, but it has adopted a new layout that places many of its navigation tools on the top left of the homepage rather than the bottom right. The new layout was adopted for the celebration of the site’s sixth birthday on Feb. 4. Since the new layout was released, thousands of the 400 million active users have responded in an outcry against the new additions. Many of the protests against the new layout are in response to the movement of applications and logout information. “My biggest pet peeve is that I can't figure out how to delete applications,” said senior Analiese Riga. “I did, however, figure out how to delete people, which made my life better and more enjoyable. If I had to rate it, I'd give it one thumb up and one thumb down.” Freshman Amy Shirk, who enjoys the various applications offered by Facebook, is frustrated with her loss of control on her homepage. “I hate it,” said Shirk. “I am a big application person and it won’t let me organize them anymore. It also won’t let me sort statuses, which is frustrating.” Despite the displeasure of a majority of the public, many Bethel students have found the change acceptable. “I believe the new Facebook layout is, thus far, an OK one,” said Riga. “I don't understand the need for the redesign, but whatever.” Freshman Jill Focht agrees. “Actually this change was one of the only ones I wasn't completely annoyed with,” said Focht. “I was a little shocked when I first saw it, but once I realized that everything is pretty much the same, I was OK with the change.” Focht finds the new layout to have a lot of similarities with the previous layout but agrees that “there are some things that are a little more confusing.” Some students, including senior Ryan Starkel and sophomore Courtney Chapman, have decided to just go with the flow. “It doesn’t bother me, I just have to adapt to it like everything else,” said Starkel. Chapman seemed to agree. “Change keeps me on my toes, and the new layout makes Facebook more exciting,” she said. “I look forward to it everyday.”
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