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Ambush attacks campus

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Nearly 200 students took advantage of the opportunity to play Ambush, a campus-wide game of squirt gun tag, by signing up online from March 7 until March 11. On March 12 students picked up their packets, including rules, squirt gun and a name, in the Student Development Office.

The objective of Ambush is to hunt down the person whose name you have received in your rule packet. When you find them, you squirt them with your gun, eliminating them from the game.

You also get to take the name of the person they were stalking. The more people you tag, the better. If your stalker, or the person who has your name, squirts you, you will be out of the competition.

Ambush started on March 15 immediately following chapel. Many of this year’s players have previously competed in the campus-wide game. They know what it takes to win and they know how the game will challenge them.

"The serious Ambush player must be prepared to endure extreme cases of the following: paranoia, grade degradation, and potential chapel committee meetings," said sophomore Dustin Heath.

One of the advantages of playing the game is the chance to meet new people.

"I was able to meet a new person because I didn’t know who they were and they got me out. So, it is a definite social boost. It really puts you out of your comfort zone," said junior Nakita DeHoyos.

The game will conclude once all but one individual has been squirted.

"Out of 200 players, 199 people must eventually lose," said Heath. "When your time comes, don’t throw a tantrum or pout. Take pride in how far you’ve come and consider it a privilege to lose at the hands of a superior predator."

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