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Ambush is well on its way

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The first few days of Ambush are over. Now more and more students are plotting against each other and forming alliances  to get further in the game. According to the Social Life page ony 64 students are eliminated and 113 are still remaining. “If you don't watch yourself, you'll think about it in class, wait outside of buildings for hours and lie awake at night devising warfare tactics,” said senior Robby Rasbaugh. “Every inclination of your thoughts is Ambush. If you're not careful, it will consume your life." Sophomore Dori Walterhouse has already made it further than she did previously “Last year I got out right after chapel and thus ended the fun for me," she said. "It was a lot of fun to watch how paranoid people became by the end, though, and I anticipate the same this year."
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