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Assault takes place over break

 -  -  29


On Friday, March 5 a commuter student claimed he was leaving the Goodman Gym and was jumped by two males in the North parking lot. The student said there was a scuffle but there was no attempt to steal anything from him or break into his vehicle. He said the two men simply walked away after the altercation. The student was not injured. He described the suspects as two black males, slender builds, both approximately six feet, about 180 pounds. One wore a black hooded sweatshirt and the other a red hooded sweatshirt.

Campus Safety Director Phil Jerome said the case is under investigation and therefore some of the details cannot be released. He said the Mishawaka Police Department is also working on the case.

Jerome wanted to assure everyone that no other incidents have happened since the reported case on March 5. He said students need to be aware that these things can happen.

"Information and awareness are your best weapons against crime and accidents," said Jerome.

Jerome also provided some tips to help students protect themselves. "Safewalks" can be requested by calling Campus Safety, and an officer will escort students to their destination on campus. He also mentioned that security boxes are placed in various areas on campus where students can page an officer to help them if they are in trouble or sense trouble. He said students need to be alert and aware of their surrounding and they need to be aware of "piggy backing."

"When you swipe your card to go into your dorm, who is entering behind you that you didn’t have to swipe to get in? If you don’t know them and they don’t belong there, call Campus Safety immediately," said Jerome.

Jerome said following these tips can help keep students and the campus safe. He said locking your doors behind you can also help to keep your belongings protected.

"Campus Safety provides important services to our campus, but nothing we do can replace your actions in maintaining security and safety," said Jerome.

If you have any concerns about your safety you can reach the office by calling 257-3500 or 292-8100.  
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