Music fills Rutunda during recital

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Junior Samantha Hartsough dazzles the audience during her junior voice recital (Photo taken from facebook).
Junior Samantha Hartsough dazzles the audience during her junior voice recital (Photo taken from facebook).
The Rotunda is not the usual hang-out spot for Bethel students and faculty on a Saturday night. When junior Samantha Hartsough delivered her junior vocal recital this past weekend, though, the area was filled with listeners excited to hear her talented voice. This Saturday evening provided a stunning musical experience. Before this night could come, there was much preparation. Hartsough, a vocal performance major, had been working towards this night for more than a year. A few songs had been in her repertoire since the previous school year and were more familiar to her. However, there were three songs, that she learned only weeks before her recital. “It was a crazy time learning that many new songs … but it was an adventure,” said Hartsough. With much practice and coaching from professors Rob Rhein and Vicky Garrett, the night came together and the result was magical. Hartsough walked into the room in a beautiful, black and silver dress, taking her place next to the piano. She began her program with “Music for Awhile” by Henry Purcell, and the audience was captivated. Four songs in, senior Ruth Olson joined the night of music and performed two solo pieces. As a guest in Hartsough’s recital, Olson said she was honored to be a part of the night. “I just love getting to hear her sing,” she said of Hartsough. “She has a silky, low jazz voice as well as an amazingly vibrant upper range.” These aspects of Hartsough’s voice were beautifully showcased throughout her pieces. She performed several foreign songs, musical theatre numbers and ended the night with her favorite, the jazz pieces. Dr. John Dendiu accompanied her during the jazz numbers. By the ease of her movements and the richness of her tone, it was obvious that jazz was Hartsough’s favorite. She ended the night with John Davenport and Eddie Cooley’s “Fever,” a song that brilliantly demonstrated her talent. Though Hartsough says she “depended on her sheet music way too long,” she felt very prepared entering into this long-awaited night. After hours of practice and preparation, Hartsough’s recital finally came together and the product was beautiful.
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