The Collegians and Voices of Triumph perform this weekend.

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voices_of_triumph08-09On Friday, March 12 at 7:30 p.m. students from The Collegians and Voices of Triumph will be performing in their annual concert, Zeitgeist! According to Bob Ham, associate professor of music, Jill Hostetler is the director of the Collegians. She has put several hours into writing the script for the performance.
“Some of the music has been part of the repertoire since the beginning of the semester and some has been learned in the last several weeks,” said Ham. Either way both groups have been working hard to get everything just right. “For the Collegians they’ve had choreography to learn, lines to memorize and a story to tell,” said Ham. The choreographer of the Collegians is Karen Pajor and according to Ham she has put her heart into it. “VOT has been memorizing, harmonizing and devising formations to make their part of the presentation excellent and entertaining.” They aren’t the only ones that have been involved. “Behind the scenes professionals our staff in sound and light have been working hard to make the entire presentation effective,” said Ham. With all of the hard work that was put in Ham said, “I think students will enjoy seeing their friends perform and love the variety of music being presented.” Students can still buy tickets in the Everest-Rohrer Chapel.
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