Not Just a Fan, But a Friend

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This is my last article. If any of you know me personally, you know that there is one celeb through thick and thin that will always be my favorite. I have a confession. I am, and always will be, a Britney fan. Now, being a Britney fan isn’t a walk in the park. Therbritney-spears-hairstyle-64e are struggles. It isn’t easy to back up someone who in a brief moment shaves her head or up and gets married to her childhood best friend in Vegas. I mean, people give her a lot of grief for those incidents. Being a Britney fan takes endurance. We have to support her in the high times when she rules the SuperBowl Halftime show with the likes of Aerosmith, N*Sync  and Nelly. But, we also have to support her when she decides it is a good idea to marry the wife-beater wearing back-up-dancing K-fed. (Popozao anyone?) Being a Britney fan takes humility. We have to put our pride aside and put up with the cruel words of the haters in the world. We have to remember the good in her, like “Oops I Did It Again” or The Pepsi commercial era. We need to remind those of this and take the hateful words on her behalf. In the end, we know it will turn out ok. Being a Britney fan takes prayer. Everyone needs a good intercessor in their life. Britney is no different and I think that the power of prayer has been seen in Brit’s life. Being a faithful fan, I have seen the improvements in the life of Britney. I have seen her regain custody of her children. I have seen her release an album and have another sold-out tour. I have seen her regain her composure through the help of her father and her boyfriend, Jason. Britney is on the right track again. If it weren’t for us loyal fans, who knows where she would be? So remember this when your favorite celebrity goes through a hard time, they need more than just a fan. They need a friend too. Be that friend.
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