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Students believe in message of holiness

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Dr. Dennis Engbrecht introducing the Deeper Life Conference speaker, Sergio Scataglini.
Dr. Dennis Engbrecht introducing the Deeper Life Conference speaker, Sergio Scataglini.
Sergio Scataglini of Scataglini Ministries travels the globe proclaiming his message of holiness. “The ministry began with a Holy Spirit sanctification experience,” said Scataglini. “I had a very powerful encounter with the Lord that changed my life and ministry. Luke 3:16 says I received a baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire.” Last week, Scataligini spoke several times during Bethel’s Deeper Life Conference and students liked what they heard. “He was exciting and kept my attention with what he had to say,” said freshman Kristen Hicks. Freshmen Kalin Oren and Kent Corsbie thought Scataglini was a great speaker. “I really like his messages and he did a really good job at presenting them,” said Corsbie. Sophomore Jordan Robbins agreed. “He definitely kept it simple,” she said. “I think it’s really easy to get distracted, preoccupied and confused with all the different ideologies and ways of approaching even the basic things in life. Being at a Christian school in and of itself, doesn’t really make things any clearer - it’s almost just as easy, if not easier, to coast through four years at Bethel.” Freshman Emma Dunbar thought he was a good speaker, but she didn’t like all of the altar calls. “I thought maybe one or two would’ve been good,” she said. “Other than that, I really liked him. I liked how he had his wife in on his talks.” Several students said Scataglini’s message of holiness gave them a different outlook on what it means to be a Christian. “The holiness message is a message that we are lacking in today’s Christian churches,” said senior Yon Moya. “Holiness is essential in our daily living in order to live a prosperous life as a Christian.” Robbins appreciated the way he brought students back to Jesus and the Holy Spirit. “Holiness seems to be a foreign concept to many of us,” said Robbins. “Sergio’s call to give it all -to surrender everything to God is one that resonated deeply with the movement of the Spirit in my own life.” Scataglini said he wanted things to happen last week. “I hope many students are reunited in passion for God,” he said. Hicks and Oren say they’ve grown through this experience. “I feel as though I experienced God in a way that I hadn’t before and that I was set free through this,” said Hicks. Oren said she felt God speaking to her during specific moments. “Every time there was an altar call I felt the Holy Spirit speaking to me but I never wanted to go,” she said. “ But then Sergio would mention the exact thing that was on my heart and I knew God was calling me to bring it to the altar.” Dunbar said she has changed in some ways as well. “I learned that God can work in marvelous ways and if I just keep praying and trusting in him that I will see results.” Robbins thinks it is cool when God calls his people “in similar ways at similar times.” “I really believe we are reawakening as believers from our resigned mediocrity to a living and real relationship that fully recognizes the power and presence of the Spirit in and through our daily lives,” said Robbins. “The Lord wants everything from us and desires to give full life to us.”
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