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Ambush may end differently than planned

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gunThough many players have great stories and memories to share about this year's version of Ambush, the game may end differently than originally planned. The 15 remaining players are not only looking for a quiet place to study or a simple way to de-stress with finals week just around the corner, they are also looking for a victory. However, There may not be a winner named unless a major shootout takes place before the end of finals. It is unknown what will happen with the prize money; however, for all of the remaining players, the battle continues. If there is a winner, the announcement will not be made during chapel service, but rather through email. There have been some recent developments in the game. Freshman Danielle Reilly recently killed junior baseball player Branden Paulun, bringing her total to four kills. Reilly said her Ambush experience has not been without some embarrassing moments though. "I was walking out of the AC after class and this upperclassman guy was walking pretty close behind me, she said. "At first I didn't think anything of it, but as I kept glancing back I noticed him giving me a little smirk. That's all it took for me to take off. I turned about three shades of red when I realized he didn't have me, he was just being nice. Apparently, he was not playing at all. I hope to never see him again." Many have not been as lucky as Reilly to avoid their attackers. Junior Jacob Mangum was ambushed by freshman Rebecca Brandt while he was pursuing his own target, junior Korey Hostetter. "I knew that she (Hostetter) worked in the mail room right after chapel," said Mangum. " As Korey came in sight I locked eyes on her and in my blood thirst darted out the door to shoot her. As I shot Korey I found a spray of water hitting my chest and the next thing I knew I was being shot by my stalker, Rebecca Brandt. Korey had befriended Rebecca to protect her from me, and while ended up getting Korey out, I too got out. Needless to say, I was sad but at the same time a great burden lifted from my shoulders... I was free."
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