If you could travel anywhere in the world with anyone you wanted, where would you go and who would be your traveling companion?

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Katy Boonstra, freshman: Argentina with my dad, because that is where he was born and I want to experiance part of my heritage Sara Mould, freshman: I would travel back to France with my best friend Zoe from New Zealand. Tiffany Reynolds, sophomore: Actually I would travel through time and space with my good buddy The Doctor. Tyler Moore, freshmen: As I'm sure the answer to this question would change over time, right now my answer would have to be: I would probably go to Spain. I would most likely take friends from my block. Jesse Maurer, freshman: The Sherwood Forest with Robbin Hood. Linsey Brasser, senior: I would go through Africa with David Livingston as my guide... Dani Drury, freshman: I would go to Greece with my best friend. JJ DuBois, junior: If there is one place in the world I would want to go to it would be on the 3rd floor of Brennamen. It is clearly the best place in the world to attend, and I would like to travel there with all current and former members of the wonderful place. As long as I am not attending anywhere in Michigan I consider myself a lucky human being. Elliot Rowe, junior: I would go to the Mountain Dew headquarters with JJ Dubois and we would become co-owners. Caitlin Shepherd, sophomore: If I could travel anywhere in the world with anyone I wanted I would travel to the Jersey Shore with my best friend Kaili Forker! Baby I like it! Ryan Needs, junior: I would travel to Easter Island with the Easter bunny. Lauren Dudley, freshman: I would go to the Olympics in London for 2012 and I would go with my mom because she's my best friend. Terry Ingle, campus safety: I would take a month-long motorcycle trip with my wife all around the United States. Ian Peterson, senior: The acorn with Caleb Jackson! Becky Harness, junior: I would take my 2 favorite cousins, Carrie Edison & Caleb Hadden, to Africa so we can see all of the elephants we want. Jennifer Garrard, freshman: I would like to travel with my family (daughter and Husband) to Australia. Marisa Stuber, non-traditional student: I would take my husband with me to Germany! Laura Johnson, sophomore: I would travel to Greece with my 3 favorite people Victoria Hardy, freshman: I would travel to the Bahamas with my mom because both of us have never been and to get away from home and get to see a different setting that we have never been in. Brittany Burk, freshman: I would travel to Australia with my best friend Meghan, she would be up for the adventure. I love their accents and it would be cool to see a kangaroo run through the yard. Ali Douglas, sophomore: If I could go anywhere in the world I would go to Australia. I would love to see all of the exotic animals and explore the Great Barrier Reef. I would go with my best friend Kayleigh from back home Angela Cornell, sophomore: That's such a hard question. I want to see so much of our world-- Europe, Middle East (Israel specifically), India.... But I guess for starters, I'll go with Europe. And, for my traveling companions, I'd choose my brother and sister. Carol Dorough, dean of nursing: Somewhere where there’s water (Ocean, lake, etc.) with my husband. Karli Fosnot, freshman: Europe, especially places like Denmark and Paris to see the first Ballet Company. I would love to travel with my good friends Nellie, Kelli, Madelyn and Christian. Paige Heiple, freshman: If I could travel anywhere in the world I would have to say China because I have always wanted to go to china and work in the orphanages there helping the children and teaching them about Christ's love. I would love for my brother Kristopher to be my travel companion because he has a heart for children and missions too; he is going to be a missionary full time to India in a few years so I think it would be neat to travel with him. And also he is my best friend so I couldn't see myself traveling without him. Julie Morey, freshman: I would go to Italy with my best friend Haley. Calvin Ray, freshman: Definitely do a full week of good ol' road trip, drive to LA from Chicago crossing through the Midwest and the Rockies. Afterward, visit my ancestor's homeland of The Netherlands and do a European trip, and then off to China/Japan (Asian trip), another home to my ancestors'. If I could pick one place where I can be right now is probably Bali, Indonesia, known as island of the gods, lush with paradise and crystal clear ocean. I would definitely go with someone special, like a future wife! too bad I don't have one! haha. Alicia Carlton, freshman: I would go to the Dominican Republic with my volleyball team Chelsea Nyce, freshman: I would want to go to Europe with my boyfriend/best friend Andrew Rigelman. Michelle Stoller, sophomore: I would love to go to Egypt to explore and I'd take Indiana Jones! Can you imagine the sweet adventure you'd have on that trip? Mark Kramer, freshmen: There are several places I would want to go. My top three choices would be Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. I have an interest in visiting Europe and the Middle East because that’s where history as we know it began in the Bible. Its where Jesus lived, and from there Christianity spread into Europe. There is a strong history there that I have always wanted to experience first hand. I have always heard many interesting things about Australia and would simply enjoy exploring a land that I have never been to before. I would probably take any friend of mine who has not experienced the place already. I would want to experience it with them and learn with them. Neil Koontz, freshman: I would like to go to Switzerland with my best friend Marissa. Joe Welch, senior: I would take Allen Burkett to China because he would run the whole great wall in one day. Holly Salerno, sophomore: I would go to China, and learn Chinese, martial arts, and about their amazing culture. I would take my boyfriend, and by that time my husband, along with me to experience it alongside me. Lindsay Stork, sophomore: I would go to Hawaii with Haleigh Moore! Tabbitha Marie Coughlin, freshman: I would travel to Colombia with my sisters and my mom. Nicole Freeman, junior: My sister, Jenna, and I would begin our trip with backpacking the rough terrain in Europe, surfing in Australia and picking up on the accent, and we would end by taking up residence in some African village in the bush. David Smith, sophomore: I would only pack red and white turtlenecks, and a red and white stocking cap. I would travel with my friend Waldo and we would practice being inconspicuous. Heather Owens, freshman: I would go backpacking in Europe with my best friends. Jessica Asher, freshman: I would travel to Israel with my mom. She's been there before, and has said that she would love to go with me sometime. And to walk where Jesus walked? How incredible! Jenn Moya, junior: Australia with my best frined. Elizabeth Troup, sophomore: I would go to Paris, France with my best friend. It's something we've always talked about doing but we don't know when it would happen since we're poor college students Lindsey Moore, sophomore: I would travel back to the Dominican Republic with my mom. I would want to have her experience the place that changed me. J. Duane Beals, professor: To England with Charlotte. We were there 44 years ago on our honeymoon. Tim Swope, junior: I would go around the world with Chuck Norris. Samuel Schertz, sophomore: New Zealand with Sandra Bullock. So glad Jesse is out of the picture... Sean Crumpacker, freshman: I would travel to Spain with my girlfriend. Grace Lena Holmes, sophomore: Europe. Like everyone else...only my style would vary a little from the norm of hotels in rome, and taxis in london, and shopping centers in paris. My feet would be my vehicle, my curiosity be my fuel. Camera, notebook, guitar. Back alleys and busy town that’s my style. Nancy Snell, athletic department secretary: I will be taking the “dream trip” of my lifetime in a couple of weeks. I will be going to Scotland to meet the pen pal I have been corresponding with for the last 61 years. My daughter and my sister (two of my very best friends) will be accompanying me. Corrie Belobraydich, sophomore: If I could travel anywhere in the world with anyone that I wanted, I would travel everywhere in the world with my camera and people who are ready for the adventure of a lifetime and experiences that they will never forget. Nicole Barr, sophomore: I would go to Ireland with my sister. She is my best friend and we have been planning the trip since I was 15 years old. For my 16th birthday she even bought me a travel guide. Branden Paulun, senior: Well in my line of work...I've had to travel all over the world. But if I had to go back I'd go back to Cairo, Egypt with fellow executor Elliot Rowe. Georgia Boisse, sophomore: I would take Kristen back to Maine to meet my family and fat baby niece! Andrew Oldfield, grounds: I would want to go to Hawaii with my wife. David McCabe, professor: I would like to take a heavenly journey to heaven, even to the third heaven, much like Enoch or John the Seer, in my mind, or out of my mind—I don’t care! And I would like to travel with St. Arbucks, who would interpret my visions and revelations, and explain the meaning of my sleep-deprived “thorn in the flesh”. Rebecca Wilson, professor: I’d go back to Easter Island with my daughter, Abbi. 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