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Row House burglary

 -  -  29

 During the early morning hours of Sept. 7, the Row House, one of Bethel College’s perimeter housing units for women, was burglarized.  The intruder is believed to have broken into the house through a basement window. The thief then crept upstairs where he stole a purse and “some valuable electronics,” according to Row House resident Stephanie Shively. The girls in the house were a bit shaken up after the incident. Leah Smith, another Row House resident, said that she felt “violated” after the unexpected break-in. Since the theft, Row House has been under the vigilant eye of campus safety.  Campus Safety Director Philip  Jerome said that the current investigation of the burglary remains ongoing. Fresh security devices have been installed in the house to beef up its defense against any intruders who might still be on the prowl.  Following the burglary Alex Gonzalez, resident director for perimeter housing, sent an email to all perimeter housing students warning and informing them of the break-in and also requesting that all Logan Village residents leave their front and back porch lights on. “I would prefer that our female students have a lit up path back to their homes,” Gonzalez said in the email.  Gonzalez also advised students to check to make sure that their first floor windows and doors are locked. In addition he encouraged students to take advantage of the opportunity to have their computers engraved and listed with campus safety. Gonzalez said that his email was not meant to frighten students, “but just to heighten our awareness in our perimeter community.”
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