Susan Moore Art Gallery

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Ella Meyer 

Staff Writer 

Mishawaka – If you’ve gotten the chance to visit the Weaver Art Gallery in the Everest-Rohrer building recently, you’ve probably noticed that there are photographs on display by the artist Susan Moore. I spoke with Ms. Moore to learn more about her creative process surrounding her work. These photographs have been carefully curated to show a specific style of her artwork. Her process includes molding ceramic shapes and then projecting her photographs onto them, creating fragments of scenes combined into one piece in each of the pictures. If you look along the wall outside of the Weaver Gallery, you will notice some photographs that look like pictures of large, white walls. However, these photos were created by lining up white sheets of paper and projecting pictures onto them, experimenting with a balance of light and image.  

Ms. Moore said she got her first camera in high school and, “always really enjoyed photography. It allows you to have access to different people and places and things.” She talked to me about what it’s like to create artwork and said she has to make space and time specifically for creating when she isn’t distracted by anything else. When she took the photos displayed in the Weaver Gallery, she was staying in France and working with other artists every day, which helped her to focus solely on her art. When asked about what inspires her to create, she said, “Ideas come from all different places and all different experiences; it’s not any one thing, and that’s why I think artists are unique people, because they’re influenced by all different elements. You have to be open to ideas; you don’t know where your ideas are going to come from.” 

Please visit the Weaver Gallery by November 17th to see the unique and beautiful artwork Susan Moore has created! 

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