Weekend away for Manges Hall

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Twenty-eight young men from the Manges Residence Hall piled into cars and headed to Fremont, Indiana last Saturday for the Manges Hall retreat. The retreat was held at the home of Luke Frey, a resident in Manges. The weekend included praise and worship, time around the campfire, and a couple of sports games. “I thought it was a good time of fellowship, and people seemed to draw closer to each other and God,” said junior Jonathan Matteson. Matteson was one of many who attended the retreat the weekend of September 11. A game of ultimate frisbee was organized as the students arrived at the 16-acre property. Other students played cards or ping-pong. Next was a game of flag football, followed by watching the Michigan versus Notre Dame game. There was also a time of praise and worship around the campfire, in which the young men sang choruses together, followed by a sharing of testimonies. “The best thing about the Manges retreat was getting to spend quality time with the guys,” said Nate Hickox, a resident assistant in Manges Hall, “It was great to hear testimonies and worship together.” “The time of testimonies was really powerful, and brought everyone together,” said Resident Director Travis Beam. The testimonies, told by three of the young residents, were stories about the impact God had on their lives, using life experiences as examples of what has helped shape them. The rest of the young men present had a chance to respond and share what they thought. The next morning included breakfast, followed by participation in personal prayer or Bible reading. Everyone present came together for a group prayer, cleaned up, and headed back to Bethel College. “The guys that went really wanted to be there,” said Beam, “It was a good mix of guys that knew each other and guys that didn’t.” Additional events are being put together to promote fellowship among Manges residence hall this school year.
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