Has the luck of the Irish run out?

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The Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team has had a rough start this season with a disappointing record of 1-3. The many Irish fans at Bethel College have not had much to cheer about his season. Notre Dame’s season looked promising out of the gate as they beat Purdue 23-12. However, since then the Irish have dropped the last three games. Notre Dame experienced two early setbacks against Michigan and Michigan State. The fighting Irish put up a quality fight in both contests but ended up narrowly losing each of them. Last weekend Irish fans experienced another cause for heartache as they easily lost to Stanford 37-14. The Irish’s sluggish start this season has dampened the spirits of some of the Irish faithful at Bethel. However, some hardcore fans such as junior Randall Bridges still hold onto hope for the rest of the season. “To be honest I’ve been pretty excited about how they’ve played this year; they didn’t look good against Stanford, but [in] the other games they’ve looked alright. They’re 1-3 and I think we’re just a few plays from being like 3-1 instead of 1-3. I’ve been overall surprised with Crist except for the Stanford game in which he played horribly. Even though our defense has looked bad this year, they still look a lot better than they looked last year,” said a positive Bridges. Bridges a lifetime Notre Dame supporter holds a promising outlook on the remainder of the season. “Basically everything has looked alright except for the Stanford game,” said Bridges. He believes as long as the Irish beat Boston College this weekend they will salvage the year. “I think they’re going to finish 6-6,” said a confident Bridges. Freshman Tyler Moore has a more dismal outlook on the Irish’s less than stellar start. “The rest of the season will be fairly consistent with what we have seen so far,” said Moore. Other fans share Moore’s opinion and are already looking forward to next season. “There’s always next year, right?” said junior Brendan Aukerman
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